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Ferrets According to (2008), “Wildlife are animals that have not been domesticated by humans” (chapter 3). Human interference still plays a large role in wild animals’ lives. Some people may consider ferrets to be exotic and even wild pets, however, opponents to that would argue that ferrets are harmless and have become domesticated to be sold in pet stores as amazing pets. Of course, there are most likely wild ferrets, but this is also true of cats and even dogs. Any animal can become wild or feral if the conditions apply. Some animals should never be domesticated or kept as pets, however, ferrets are not one of them. Black-footed ferrets almost met extinction with only eighteen of them in the wild. “Collaborative efforts among state and federal agencies, conservation organizations, Native American tribes, and private landowners have helped restore nearly 500 black-footed ferrets in the wild” (Cattelino, 2015). These…

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