Glenwood iowa

Mills Masquers Presents

Inherit the Wind

October 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, & 14

Friday, Saturday shows start at 7:30 pm and Sunday shows are at 2:00 pm
for more information please visit our Mills Masquers Facebook page or call 712-527-3600

​Adults $12; Students /Sr. Citizens $10; Children 12 and younger $8 for musicals
Adults $10; Students / Sr. Citizens $9; Children 12 and younger $6 for plays

​Tickets will be available at Glenwood State Bank, for reservations call the theater 712-527-3600 or click on the Contact Us page. Someone will return your call to confirm your reservation.

Upcoming shows / audition Notices

The Cast 

Henry Drummond - Jim Kalhorn                                           Matthew Harrison Brady - Jeff DeYoung

Bertam Cates - Christian Jenson                                           Rachel Brown - Judy Matuszewski

Rev. Jeremiah Brown - Dean Matuszewski                           E.K. Hornbeck - Micah Brauch

Howard - Jabe Rounds and Eli Kittle                                     Melinda - Elisabeth Kittle

Mayor - Sam Neff                                                                    Judge - Ron Hines

Tom Davenport - Jake Harrill                                                 Meeker - Denny Neff

Harriet Y. Esterbrook - Debra Wake                                     Mrs. Brady - Becky Neff

Elijah / Dunlap - Diana Crouch                                              Mrs. Krebs - Margaret JonesMr. Bannister/Bollinger/Phil/Cooper - Noah Kittle                    Sillers - Dallas Hughey

Mrs. McLain/Reuter's Man - Kalila McCaughan                  Mrs. Blair - Edie Goodwin​​​​

Hotdog Man/Hurdy Gurdy Man/Timmy - Jordan Strange

Photographer/Reporter/Hawker - Eli Kittle

Mrs. Loomis/Business Owner/Goodfellow - Kelly Strange

THE STORY: The critics talk about the play: "Magnificently written…one of the most exciting dramas of the last decade." —NY News. "A tidal wave of a drama…More than any other play in memory based on history and aiming at a contemporary parallel, INHERIT THE WIND makes its point immediately applicable." —NY World-Telegram & Sun. "Brilliant…a colorful, picturesque and absorbing exciting essay in dramatic Americana…" —NY Post. "A masterpiece. This is the test: to see a play once, twice, three times. And each time to leave the theatre as deeply moved, as enlightened, as lifted up, as magnificently entertained. And as convinced that it is one of the truly great American dramas of this century." —Scripps-Howard.
This is the play that has as its genesis in the events of the famous Scopes trial. One of the most outstanding dramas of our time. "The portrait it draws of an explosive episode in American culture, vigorously written by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee, remains as fresh as it ever was. One of the most stirring plays in recent years retains its folk flavor and spiritual awareness in an Arena Stage production. Bursting with vitality…Literature of the stage!" —NY Times.